oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

©2011, Monika Roe

Many of you know that I have given up sugar. It was really difficult to deal with the cravings the first week but it did get better. So why am I posting about Oreo-stuffed-chocolate-chip-cookies of all things?

Well, my boyfriend and I weren’t able to spend Valentine’s Day together because he was in Costa Rica teaching a photography workshop (he’s an amazingly talented photographer, if I do say so myself!) I had been looking for an unusual dessert-type recipe to make for him when he got back. When I came across this recipe that has set the web on fire since it was first posted on the Picky Palate blog last month, I knew it would be the perfect belated V-Day treat!

These are not your everyday cookies. They are HUGE! Just a couple bites of one is more than enough to please any sweet tooth. I’m happy to report that while these were fun to make and tasted really good, I’m back on the no-sugar wagon. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that I won’t occasionally indulge and post the illustrated results here!

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