happy july!

M Magazine July Monika Roe

How humiliating!!! This is one of the illos I did for the July issue of M Magazine. This was a girl’s real story she sent in to the magazine for their monthly embarrassing and humiliating moments column. She was talking to her crush and he pointed out that some of the candy thrown from a 4th of July float had landed in her hair and beocme all sorts of gooey. Ugh.

Fortunately, I had not humiliating moments over the long 4th of July weekend! Success! My man and I went to his cousin’s home by the beach and we all ate too much food and watched fireworks.

Karen’s husband Mike made his famous tacos. (Insert a moment of respect here for Mike’s tacos. The are crazy delicious!)

Some of their neighbors put a lot of effort into their fireworks and sent up displays that looked professional! With fireworks exploding around us, and the neighbor blasting Bob Marley, it was an evening to remember. God bless the USA!

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