rotten apple ranch

Rotten Apple Ranch Monika RoeRotten Apple Ranch is the brainchild of my friend Sheldon Rosenberg III. A year ago he started to seriously cultivate his family farm in Sebastopol, California into a productive and sustainable venture. Part of that plan was to develop a logo that represented the brand and that’s when he called me!

A fan of vintage fruit crate labels, he wanted that classic look along with a “Rotten Apple” character that spoke to his earlier days in the Navy. After a few initial sketches we decided on this surly apple character showing off his tattoo with the farm scenery spreading out behind him.

I think the biggest challenge here was the typography. There was more type to incorporate than a typical logo. Fitting all of the elements together, yet still maintaining a clean and easy read is something I enjoy about projects like this. I love the end result and I can’t wait to see it used on the amazing products that the ranch is starting to turn out!

Rotten Apple Ranch

A few words from Sheldon about Rotten Apple Ranch:

Where our values rest, are in fresh local sustainable foods that give our friends the nutrition they should expect from their produce.

We don’t believe food should be shipped farther than it can be without added refrigeration as it does more damage than good — all the while diminishing the nutritional value of said food. Because of this belief, those farther than 60 miles will be unable to receive our products, and we would suggest they visit their local farmers market and begin a conversation with their very own local farmers.

However, fans of our ideals or produce/products should feel free to stop by and enjoy the farm and it’s surrounding beauty whenever they are in town…

Rotten Apple Ranch

Rotten Apple Ranch will be launching their website near the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, look for more posts about the delicious creations they’ve let me preview!



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